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There are plenty of payment methods available out there, but none as convenient for Google users as Google Pay. This is an eWallet that anyone with a Google account can use for safe, easy and fast transactions across the internet, with no fees involved. As such, it has become a great name across online bingo sites, since it can provide players from all across the world with the simplest solution for deposits and withdrawals. Why choose Google Pay over any other method across online bingo sites?

About Google Pay

As implied by its name, and as introduced, this is an eWallet designed by the global tech company Google. Initially, it was launched with the aim to make online banking as painless and simple for all Android users as possible, even though, as you will learn, it later extended and it started providing its services to iOS users, as well, in some countries.

When it was first launched, it went under a different name, called Google Wallet. That was in 2011, but four years later, the company launched a different product, called Android Pay. In 2018, Google merged the two and started offering this awesome solution we today know as Google Pay. The company decided on this move since the two were functioning the same way and were offering pretty similar things.

The first year, the solution was only offered in Australia, Singapore and Ireland. Then, India was added to the list of accepting countries, followed by Lithuania. By 2020, it became available across 30 countries globally, even further expanding its reach.

The now globally-accepted solution became a hit all across the internet, for easy online payments and purchases. In 2018, when it was launched under its current name, the solution partnered with PayPal. Then, the company made sure to add the functionality which allowed users to connect their debit and credit cards, thus make online banking even easier, from a one-stop solution. And then, it added the functionality which allowed users to connect all the eWallet to all of their Android devices. Therefore, the solution became a leading solution for smooth online payments.

Considering all of this, it is no wonder that the eWallet arrived in the online gambling industry, as well. It became an instant hit across many online bingo sites, as well as online casinos, sportsbooks and online poker sites. Sure, it is not that widely available, but you will find it across a decent number of bingo sites. Keep in mind that, considering Google is a leading company, it continuously keeps track of the changing gambling laws, and it changes its policy on apps related to gambling, so as far as its availability in your country goes, you’d need to check your country’s laws on gambling.

Getting Started with It

You have the detailed guidebooks on its official website on how to get started with it, but let’s review the steps you need to make here, in short.

First, you need to ensure that you have at least one payment method ready which you can connect to your account. As said, the functionalities for adding a debit/credit card and your PayPal account are your options. If you don’t want to involve your cards, make sure you sign up for a free account with PayPal.

Then, you would need to download and set up your Google Pay account. You can do that by going to Google Play Store. If your device runs on a newer Android version, the app will be pre-installed, so you can skip this downloading step, locate the app on your device and open it.

After you connect a payment method, you’d need to verify your identity. And when all it’s ready, you can start using the solution. Its interface is pretty intuitive, informative and guiding, as we mentioned, therefore, you should have no problems getting used to using it.

How to Deposit at an Online Bingo Site with Google Pay?

Google Pay is an option across a decent number of online bingo sites, as mentioned. All you’ll need to do is search for suitable sites that accept it, explore a few options and join the one that you like the most. Check the site for fun bingo games, security measures and licenses. After you’re certain that it is a great match for you, join the bingo site by clicking or tapping on the Join Us/Sign Up button and providing your details.

To make your first deposit with the solution, you would need to do the following:

  1. Head over to the bingo site’s Banking/Cashier page.
  2. From the list of offered methods, locate Google Pay and click or tap on the icon.
  3. Specify how much money you’d like to deposit on your balance.
  4. Choose the method you’ll use to complete the payment from the ones you connected to the eWallet account.
  5. With the security code or using your TouchID, submit your request.
  6. Watch the money arrive on your bingo account instantly!

When depositing with this amazing method, as you can see, no details about your debit/credit/PayPal account are actually shared with the bingo site; you just specify which payment method you’d like to use to complete the payment. Plus, Google, the company, encrypts all money transfers data, and applies a unique encrypted transaction number for each transaction you make with it, so you can sleep tight knowing that all your money is safe with it.

Plus, as you could see, we never mentioned any fees when depositing with it. That’s because transactions with it are completely fee-free!

How to Make a Withdrawal with It?

Before you decide to use it as your cashout method, make sure to check whether the bingo site you’ve joined accepts Google Pay as a withdrawal method.

Unless it does, you would need to look for an alternative solution to cash out your bingo winnings. Other eWallets or digital currencies like Bitcoin would be great options.

Allowed Countries

If you’ve been reading our overview of the solution carefully, you know that the solution has first been only available in Australia, Singapore and Ireland, and then expanded its reach to India and Lithuania.

Then, in 2020, it added over 30 countries to its accepted countries list. These are the countries added to the list:

As you can notice, most of these countries offer regulated online gambling and are some of the most well-established online gambling markets, where you can enjoy online bingo playing with Google Pay.

Accepted Currencies

Given the fact that its list of accepted countries counts over 30 territories, you’ve probably gathered by now that Google Pay is a solution that accepts many currencies.

In fact, any of the currencies of the accepted countries apply, even though the company recommends users to use the US dollar because currency conversions fee apply when using foreign currencies.

Applicable Fees

You’ve just learned that currency conversion fees apply when you’re transacting with foreign currencies with Google Pay.

But as we mentioned earlier, no transaction fees apply! You can rest assured that when depositing across online bingo sites, you will never have to pay a fee, no matter how big or small your transaction might be.

That's because online transactions are labelled card-not-present transactions, since you’re using it as an eWallet, via an app. But, if you chose to use it across land-based locations, these will be card-present transactions, hence subject to card-related fees.

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Google Pay Bingo Sites FAQs

Can an approximate number of online bingo sites which accept it be estimated?

There are over 50 online gambling destinations you could visit to use the solution, one-third of them being online bingo sites, even though the majority are casino sites. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that you'll come across some excellent bingo sites which accept it, to choose from and join the one that you like.

How can an iOS user make use of the Google Pay eWallet?

The solution is only available for iOS users from the US and India. The solution is not an option for iOS users from the other countries on the accepted countries list. As long as you’re from the US or India, though, just download the app from Apple App Store, and continue using it as we explained on this page.

Is the official website available in mainstream languages?

Yes, indeed. You can explore the website in Norsk, Francais, Svenska, Espagnol, Dansk, Portugues and Italiano.

Is it possible to use the eWallet on a Windows device?

This may come as a shock to you since we mentioned that the solution can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, but no, Google Pay is not an option if you're a Windows user. Even though all other Google services are, indeed, available on Windows devices, you can use it only via Android-powered PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, and in the US and India, on iOS devices. Windows is not an option.

Can you use digital currency for payments with it?

No. Even though partnered with PayPal, which included that functionality in 2020, Google Pay does not process cryptocurrency transactions. Whether that would persist or the company will change it, remains to be seen.

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