€2M November Rain Party Kicks Off At Bingo Hall

€2M November Rain Party Kicks Off At Bingo Hall
Nabbing a great deal after the Halloween tournaments and raffles is a matter of elegance and bingo proficiency or at least so they say. To illuminate, the incredible Bingo Hall (no, not the Hulk) is soon hosting November Rain - Grand Million Dollar Party with a fund of €2,000,000.

So, before you start drooling and asking yourself how to get your hands on at least a chunk of that prize, let's go over some important details first:

The promo begins on November 7th and all you need to do is prebuy some tickets and join from 9 PM - 3 AM EST on that very day! Of course, as soon as you opt-in, the opportunities are vastly open, so why not start with one hour of Speed Games? There is a fixed prize of €5,000 every fifth call but guess what, pots can reach up to €200,000!

A Multitude of Calls And Perks Per Hour!

Additionally, players will get 16 complimentary tickets for every 20 bought, and more is yet to come! By hitting the Fireworks Pattern, participants are also in for a chance to win €5,000 more on calls every hour whereas 2 Speedy Coveralls per hour with €15,000 on the first 50 calls and exclusive deals on Bingo Bucks are even more tempting...

Moreover, prizes will be "raining cats and dogs" in the November Rain Grand Million Dollar Party, so don't miss out on the games galore and plentiful rewards...

Here's how it all really looks under the hood:

  • One hour of Speed Games with a fixed prize of €5.000, every 5th call

  • Pots reaching up to €200.000 just for you

  • For the whole event you'll get 16 CARDS EXTRA for every 20 bought

  • Fireworks Pattern with a fixed prize of €5.000 on all calls every hour

  • 2 Speedy Coveralls per hour with €15.000 on the first 50 calls per hour

  • Unlimited BBS* during the party 50 BBS per correct chat game claim


Are You Into Some Shopping As Well?

Bingo Hall is running Ultimate Shopping Spree through November, and the site's slogan is pretty straightforward, to be honest - shop 'til you drop!

Join the fun between November 1st and November 30th to pick up one of the grand prizes... first place equals to 150,000 shop stars, second place winner will accumulate 75,000, while the third lucky participant gets massive 50,000 points!

In this weekly draw, which requires a minimum €50 deposit per day all players can win the following:

  • 1 x 500 Cash

  • 3 x 50 Extra chips

  • 3 x 50 Extra spins


It's all up to you now... good luck!
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