Morph and Potion Stir Up Quite a Storm at Tombola

Morph and Potion Stir Up Quite a Storm at Tombola

When do bingo games stop being bingo games? When you’re playing at Tombola! Known for its eclectic range of bingo games with vast differences, Britain’s biggest online bingo site aims to dispel beliefs that bingo is just a game with one line, two lines and a full house.

Founded in 1999, the operator has a reputation for being different. And nowadays, different is good. Sure, you’ll find the usual 90-ball bingo games with three chances to win and games where you match the pattern to win, but you’ll also find little gems styled on fun-fair attractions – Rollercoaster and Hamsters are so much fun.

Love a bit of blackjack? Why not try Cinco – it’s card-based fun where players can purchase as many as five hands per game. Each hand has five cards and the aim of the game is simple; match your hand before anyone else to win. Not only will you find the typical clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts suits, but a football variant too; city (blue), rovers (white), united (red) and wanderers (yellow).

Newbie on the Scene

Morph joined the ranks of unusual bingo games fairly recently and unlike the other games, this one comes with a ‘colour-blind’ setting.’ To play, you buy your ticket from 5p to £1. The prize you can win will be determined by the price you pay.

At the start of each game you will notice four lines of four shapes surrounding what is known as the morpher. Visualise the morpher as a super massive colourful hole in the middle of space; above and below are horizontal boxes with four different shapes of different colour and to the left and right are vertical boxes with four shapes of different colours.

That’s a total of 16 shapes per game. When you have a matching shape and colour, that symbol will be sucked into the vortex. The game offers a line and a full house prize, as well as a jackpot…

…To win a jackpot, simply clear your 16 shapes within 21 calls for the big one or 23 for the smaller one. You can play manually or automatically and take part in chat at the same time.

Cauldron of Fun

Join in with the prize-winning fun of Potion Bingo as you attempt to concoct one of three potions, but before all that, you need to pick a room; toad, bat, owl, mouse or cat. Just like Morph, you purchase a ticket from 5p, however, the maximum price with this one is £2 a ticket.

At the start of each game, three potion recipes will become visible on scrolls (It’s a little like Hocus Pocus!). The aim of the game is to complete your potion recipe before anyone else to win. In total, there are 18 numbered bottled on your ticket, all of which match the colours of a potion recipe; youth (yellow), love (red) and blue (wisdom).

There are three prizes to be won in each game as well as two jackpots, if you can complete a recipe in 12 umbers or less that is! The amount you win per potion will be based on the cost of your ticket.

Fancy giving them a try? Tombola newbies will be welcomed with a £50 bonus on their first £25 deposit – that’s a total of £75 to play with and all winnings generated from the bonus will be credited as real cash.

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