Enhances Player Compliance with ClearStake Integration, Boosting Affordability and AML Check Completion to 55% Enhances Player Compliance with ClearStake Integration, Boosting Affordability and AML Check Completion to 55%, recognized as the UK's fastest-growing online casino, has significantly enhanced its player verification process by integrating ClearStake’s smart financial data request solution, leading to a substantial increase in the completion rate of affordability and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Streamlined Compliance Processes Boost Player Participation

With the adoption of ClearStake, MrQ has simplified the process for players to submit their financial data securely and swiftly, using their banking app in under 30 seconds— a stark improvement over the traditional method of manually providing physical documents. This innovation has resulted in 55% of MrQ’s players seamlessly submitting their financial data, dispelling the industry-wide belief that players are generally reluctant or unable to share the necessary financial information for compliance checks.

Savvas Fellas, Founder and CEO of, emphasized the positive impact of the integration, stating, “At, we are committed to our mission of offering ‘value-entertainment’. This goes hand-in-hand with the security and well being of our players without negatively impacting their entertainment experience. ClearStake’s integration into our processes not only aligns with our commitment to security but also enhances our ability to navigate regulatory obligations more efficiently.”

Technological Advancements in Regulatory Compliance

The partnership with ClearStake has also led to a 46% reduction in the time required to review affordability and AML cases at This efficiency is achieved through seamless follow-up requests and the use of reliable data verified directly from banks, which contrasts sharply with the previous challenges associated with the use of physical documents, such as fraud and errors in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extraction.

Martin Burt, Founder of ClearStake, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking market leader who shares our vision of how new technology can transform an industry. This partnership demonstrates that ClearStake’s technology is trusted by leading brands in the industry, and it's a fantastic testament to the strength of our product.”

Future Prospects and Ongoing Innovation

The successful integration of ClearStake’s technology at is expected to set a precedent for other operators in the industry, especially as regulatory demands increase. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) continues to enforce stringent guidelines, and tools like those provided by ClearStake are proving essential in meeting these requirements efficiently.

Looking ahead, plans to further enhance the capabilities of ClearStake’s technology to include thresholds for Standard Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence checks. The goal is to fully automate processes that were once resource-intensive, thereby continuing to improve compliance workflows and enhance the overall experience for both players and operators.

This strategic move by not only demonstrates a commitment to regulatory compliance and player safety but also underscores the potential of innovative technologies to redefine industry standards and operational efficiencies in the highly regulated online casino market.

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