National Bingo Game is Back and It’s Live!

National Bingo Game is Back and It’s Live!

Can you remember that feeling you used to get when the bingo caller would announce the imminent arrival of the National Bingo Game? Nah, me neither! It’s been far too long and I’m starting to forget what the inside of my local bingo hall looks like!

As many of you eager players flock to bingo halls around England, spare a thought for your fellow dabbers who are still currently in limbo! Here I am in wet and windy Wales still waiting on Mark Drakeford to announce the opening of our clubs and it seems to be taken forever!

I should be grateful though, the 5-mile ‘stay local’ rule was scrapped recently which is a God send, what with begin surrounded by miles and miles of countryside (and farms!), the rule kind of made it difficult to get my shopping done!

Taking to Facebook on July 3rd, the. National Bingo Game announced they were back! “The National Bingo Game is thrilled to be back with players from Saturday 4th July, at participating clubs that are open. Currently only in England, but we hope that Scottish and Welsh clubs will open again shortly. Thank you to all the club staff who are opening up for bingo!”

So, to mark this momentous occasion, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you how to play and most of all; how to win those jackpots! The bingo ‘link’ game was introduced back in May of 2018 and to date, they have paid out more than £39 million in real money prizes!

Sweet Sixteen?

The taking part is ever so simple; you purchase your tickets at the ticket desk (or on your electronic device) and wait for the game to start. It’s the winning that isn’t so easy, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of players scooping the jackpots! For just £1, you’re given the shot at not only winning a guaranteed in-house prize, but one of three jackpots.

What do you go for; two tickets for £1 of five for £2? The big National Bingo Game is scheduled to take place in the second half of your bingo session, and as always, there is a full house to be won in every club. The 50-ball bingo game sees players look for a full house only – no lines, no two lines. If you call house, you win the in-club prize stated, but if you call house within a set number, you could win an additional (big!) prize!

Shout house in 24 numbers or less for an additional £100 in prize money, shout within 20 to win an extra £1K or if you can call in 16 numbers or less, you win that £50K – no questions asked! You’ll be required to pose for a photo with your club managers and shortly after (maybe a week or so later) a bingo party will be hosted with free bingo or a free meal for all players!

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