New Free Form from Tombola is Here & It’s Free to Play

New Free Form from Tombola is Here & It’s Free to Play

Win Up to £5K Every Day for Free at Tombola

It’s finally here LBB’ers, the new and totally free to play daily game from Tombola! The rules are very much the same; you log in every day to see if you can win up to £5K absolutely free. Only it’s not all good news! The promise of more winners is only going to attract the players but unfortunately, fans of the current Vibes game will be a little disappointed to learn of its demise. There is light at the end of the tunnel though! Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this latest free feature.

Free Form Rules and How to Play

To play Free Form, you will need a mobile phone that is able to receive text messages. A 4-digit code will be sent to the device you have registered on your Tombola account. This code will grant access to the free-to-play daily game where you get to keep everything you win. One code will generate a week’s access to the no deposit game. If you don’t have a mobile phone number registered to your account or it has changed, you can go into your account settings to adjust this. You’ll find an option to do this under ‘contact details’.

Once initiated, on your screen there will be 24 different tiles, each numbered from 1 to 24. Starting the game is as easy as pressing that big yellow play button. A number will be generated at random. Find that number on the grid and press it. Keep going until all 15 numbers have been called. Behind each number is a coloured pattern. To win a prize collect four matching patterns.

Prizes available to be won are 25p, £1, £5, £20, £100 and £5K with Tombola claiming to produce more winners via this free daily feature than ever before. More winners compared to the Free Vibes game. According to the Tombola Facebook team, they’ve made changes to their free games across Tombola and Tombola Arcade, meaning “there’s 120,000 winners per week and 10 times more chances to win,” and I still can’t win!

What happened to Vibes? It’s been moved to Arcade, so instead of two chances to win on Vibes every day, it’s one, but you don’t miss out as Free Form is available on the main Tombola website. Why the change? Tombola players were very vocal on how disappointing the current daily game was with very few winners. Some even went as far as labelling the game as boring, despite the no wagering rule! An email with the heading “we’ve listened to your feedback” landed in my inbox a week or so ago with promises on big changes and more winners, but whether or not the bingo community approves will be another matter.

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