Play OJO Bingo: £5K Super Saturday Special with Extra Chances to Win

Play OJO Bingo: £5K Super Saturday Special with Extra Chances to Win

Pre-Buy Your Tickets Into the Biggest Games Well in Advance

There’s nothing worse than waiting on a couple of numbers when someone scoops that full house from right beneath your nose, it’s game over dude! We’ve all been there and it’s annoying every time it happens. Understanding just how frustrating it can be, one online bingo site Play OJO Bingo, have introduced runner’s up pots which are effectively pots of cash that will go to players who just can’t manage to get their final numbers to win.

With XTG prizes you will no longer have to leave a game empty handed and even if you don’t get to at least 2TG when that full house is won, you still get 10% cashback on your ticket purchases. This instant reward is on-going and the funds will be credited to your real money bankroll. If you spend £5 on tickets you get 50p back as soon as you secure your purchase. There are no limits to how much cashback you can claim either.

Always Cash Back on Bingo

Every weekend in May, Play OJO’s special £5K bingo games will get underway. If you can’t make it on the night, you don’t have to miss out on a chance to win thanks to the pre-buy option. Games kick off at 9:30pm and tickets will set you back just 25p each. What can you win exactly? Take a look:

  • Complete one-line: £500
  • Any two-lines: £1K
  • Full house: £2K
  • All tickets with 1TG will share £1K
  • Tickets with 2TG will share £500

If you love that you’ll love the ‘mojo nights’ promotion with plenty of free bingo games, penny bingo, 1TG and roll-on games. Every Monday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm, £1K will be won and every single penny of it is real money with absolutely no wagering requirements! There will also be a mixture of games with triple chance, 80-ball, 75-ball and 30-ball making an appearance. Bingo tickets will cost no more than 15p each and most of them will cost you nothing!

Session bingo from Play OJO Bingo is just like bingo at your local bingo club only it’ll cost you less and give all players an equal chance to win! Whole hour long session come with a guaranteed discount but for one day only! Ten games of bingo will set you back a tenner with a massive…

…£10 saving on the day. Log in every Sunday to play between 1pm and 2pm and then again between 8pm and 9pm. Everyone who takes part will have 20 tickets in each 90-ball game and 10 tickets every 75-ball game.

New to Play OJO Bingo? Get 50 free bingo tickets and 10 bonus spins on a first deposit. Plus you can play casino games for free any time of the day or night. Just a reminder, anything you win from tickets or spins comes with no maximum win cap and no wagering! EVER!

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