Play OJO Unveil Saucy Celeb-Backed Safe Bets Message

Play OJO Unveil Saucy Celeb-Backed Safe Bets Message

Red Hot Campaign Unveiled Over at Play OJO HQ

Responsible gambling is mighty important and unless you’re getting fed up with the message, you’re not seeing it enough! Play OJO have teamed up with reality TV star Olivia Bowen to highlight the importance of playing safe, through their latest saucy campaign. Gambling and sex may be two very different things, but they do have one thing in common – unless you’re doing it safely, you shouldn’t be doing it at all!

Gambling should be fun and affordable, and while most of us recognise this, there are some who don’t. Play OJO being Play OJO, the no bull$hit bingo and casino operator, decided to hammer home the message of responsible gambling that little bit differently, and it’s clearly working!

Unwrap Responsibly and Enjoy

Enlisting the runner-up from Love Island 2016 for their campaign is working wonders. Making people stop and stare is exactly the outcome Play OJO want here. Olivia Bowen is what many consider to be a stunning, red-hot female, so naturally when she appears on your screen all seductive clutching a handful of contraception, she’s bound to get your attention! But it’s not just any contraception but Play OJO contraception with tongue-in-cheek messages for all.

“Wrap it up! Set your deposit limits before getting carried away!”

“Just the tip! Safe Mate gives you personal tips for safer play!”

“At it like a rabbit? Det deposit limits before getting carried away.”

To deliver a serious message in a fun and unforgettable way…

…they needed someone who would stand out and that someone was Olivia Bowen. Since appearing on ITV’s hit reality TV show, she has won the hearts of the nation bringing her unique style and warmth to shows like This Morning, plus being a fashion-icon resulted in her creating her own clothing line.

The star didn’t hesitate when it came to teaming up with Play OJO what with being very vocal and passionate about the things she cares about – responsible gambling being one. All things in moderation – from drinking to eating treats and now gambling, unless you’re doing it the right way, the message is don’t do it at all!

The Safe Mate tool is there to assist 24/7. Here it is at a glance:

  • Playing behaviour: Review your transactions, profits, loss and time played.
  • Trends: A visual way of being able to see how your gaming changes.
  • Game types: View time played, and money staked for each individual game you’ve played. Slots, live casino games or bingo.
  • Self-assessment: It’s a fun quiz where you guess your statistics before comparing them to the real thing.
  • Risk scores: Are you play habits low, medium or high risk? Find out here.
  • Messages: This is where you’ll be alerted if you are spending more than usual, playing at an unusual hour or had a win you should be cashing out.

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