Three Chances to Win £50K Daily – What a Buzz (Bingo!)

Three Chances to Win £50K Daily – What a Buzz (Bingo!)

Buzz Surrounding New Bingo Jackpot Special

Let’s talk jackpots for a moment shall we. Everyone wants to win one, but not everyone can. There are a few things you can do to help boost your chances of winning a jackpot though, and it has nothing to do with luck or superstitions – your chance to win a jackpot starts with playing at the right time!

Your best chance to win is during off-peak times, but like most things in life, there are pros and cons with this. The advantages are you’ve more chance of winning, but the disadvantages are fewer players and smaller prize money. Unless you’re taking part in the one (or all) three of the daily Buzz Bingo specials!

Thrice as Nice

There’s £50K up for grabs thrice a day and the great thing about these jackpots is if there’s more than just the one winner, every player will scoop that top prize. No sharing of jackpots ever – and that’s guaranteed! Since the Buzz Bingo specials got underway; they’ve handed out more than £2million in cash. But how do you win? Play in-club or online at the set times and call house within 42 numbers!

Head to your local bingo hall or online for 2:15pm, 8:30pm and/or 10:15pm to play for just 50p for a strip of 6 tickets! Plus, when you buy 6, you get 6 free! Maximum tickets any one player can buy is 120, meaning you get an additional 120 tickets free! These are not your typical links either, you know the ones where you link up with other websites or clubs, these games are one-of-a-kind bingo games meaning there can only ever be winners at Buzz Bingo!

Being a 90-ball bingo game means three prizes up for grabs. All winnings are guaranteed to be real cash – no wagering requirements on the prize money whatsoever. If there is more than the one winner calling for one-line, two-lines or full house, the prize will be split equally between all players. The jackpot is the exception. Whether there are two winners or ten calling within 42 numbers or fewer, each player to win will receive £50K in cash!

Buzz Bingo specialise in big…

…big thrills, big prize money and big value for money entertainment, but did you know they also specialise in freebies too? A new daily treats wheel has just been added to the website where players are able to play for free with no deposit! Take the Halloween-themed Hallo-Winner wheel for a spin each day between midday and midnight to see of you can win spooky spins or bingo boo-nuses! If you’ve made a deposit, you’ll receive a spin of the premium wheel where you are guaranteed a win of up to 50 spins the day after that deposit!

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