Tombola Launch First-Ever Penny Bingo Games

Tombola Launch First-Ever Penny Bingo Games

Unless you’re a magician, the chances of you turning 1p into jackpots of up to £5k are pretty slim. However, there is a way of doing this. Tombola, Britain’s biggest bingo site unveiled their first-ever penny bingo games on Tuesday and each game offers the chance to win eye-watering jackpots of up to £5K!

The unique and exclusive ‘Paper Bingo’ variant is styled on a typical game of 50-ball bingo, only, to win the full house prize on offer, all you need is five numbers! More on this in a moment.

Kudos to the team over at Tombola, this bingo game is pretty exciting, and the visuals and soundtrack draw you in from the moment you arrive.

The rooms all coincide with the theme…

…wrapping, tracing, tissue, craft, parchment, origami and sand – two rooms for each type of paper. The new games are that popular, they need to create two of each to keep up with demand. But player numbers should drop within a week or so. It was the same when Machine Bingo launched a few weeks back.

Unwrap a Jackpot

Play from 1p, 2p, 5p or 10p a ticket – that’s a maximum of just 50p per game. There are three potential prizes within the game; the single prize (aka the full house) and a two-stage jackpot. Once you’ve chosen a room to play in, all that’s’ left to do is to decide on how many tickets and the price of those tickets.

I personally love how each room comes with its own chat feature; have you seen Picture Bingo? The three rooms amalgamate into the one chat and it’s so confusing! Now, the aim of the game is to call one of your strips before anyone else in the game.

Each strip is horizontal. If you manage to clear any of your strips in the first five calls…

…you will win up to £5K. Call the house in the first 6 calls and you win up to £1K. The amount you can win will depend on the value of your tickets. It’s ever so simple to understand. Each number from 1 to 50 will be called to the top left of the screen and each number has its own colour; the first strip will be teal, the second is red, third is yellow, fourth is purple and fifth is green.

Games go quick, but I’m yet to see a big jackpot winner. So, they’re not that quick. One you’ve clicked your tickets, a confirmation button will appear, don’t forget to press this or you won’t be included I the nest game! Paper mountains, leaves and trees sit behind your tickets to give a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Will you be giving it a try? New players will receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit and everything you win from will be wager-free! That’s real money winnings even on a bonus!

Terms and conditions apply.

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