Feel the Hustle and Bustle of City Bingo

Feel the Hustle and Bustle of City Bingo
If you enjoy the city's blinding lights and the upbeat pace of a metropolis, perhaps what you need is a little break from the usual bevvy of autumn-themed promotions, especially these relating to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, of which there are a LOT these days.

Skylines, Cinemas and Flights:

The three words in the above paragraph title sure sound meaningless taken out of context, don't they? Agreed – but they do share common ground after all. For starters, they constitute the names of promotions you can find on City Bingo, a popular online bingo under the supervision of the ever-reliable UKGC.

This site has quite a line-up of cool bingo offers, so we'll dive right into those just so you get a general idea – for some authentic impressions, you should probably sign up and try them yourself!

Cinema in the City is the 75-ball game played every Saturday at 8 PM. The cards for this game cost only 1p and the player that manages to take the Full House win will get the £25 Cineworld Gift Card that is eligible in 78 cinemas.

So if you like silver screens and would like a movie night out, that's your promo! You can buy the maximum of 96 cards and the winner can also choose to take the cash equivalent of the prize, if the Cineworld ticket don't sit right with them.

On Friday evenings, the City Skyline promo holds a cash jackpot fun during the 75-ball bingo games in which you can win up to £1,000 in each of them!

The games begin at 7 PM and are played on every hour: at 8, 9, 10 and 11 PM. That's five games that give away £1,000 and the Full House prize gets bigger with every game. Players who have deposited in the last six days can claim the entry cards free of charge!

Crowded Streets of City Bingo:

A special offer is on hand for VIP players with Gold and Platinum statuses – the very exclusive weekly room is opened every Thursday and Friday at 10 PM. The promotion is called Frequent Flyer and it comes with prizes that are paid out instantly, with cards costing only 1p.

Each game of 90-ball bingo comes with £50 prize fund – paid in real cash - with Full House win claiming £25, 2 Lines win getting £15 and 1 Line win claiming £10.

For a taste of India's delicacies, look no further than Twice the Spice promo that is played every Friday at 10 PM. Cards for this 75-ball game cost 2p and can be bought in the Lobby. Each prize is worth £50 and you can take the cash equivalent if you prefer!

But the prizes are oh so delightful: Bombay Chai Team Pack, Rotating Spice Rack, Copper Steel Bowls...these are only some of the previous gifts you can get playing here, and future prizes include Copper Water Pot and Brass Incense Holder.

So there you have it, folks – a lot to play for on City Bingo. Get your kick out of it, but do not forget to consult the site's general terms and conditions!
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