New Buzz Bingo Member Offers – Only Available In-Club

New Buzz Bingo Member Offers – Only Available In-Club

Did you know Buzz Bingo clubs up and down the UK are hosting £5 bingo sessions for new members? Well now you do! Will you choose traditional paper tickets or their modern touchscreen counterpart?

New to 2024 we see the introduction of in-club member offers with up to 30 tickets awarded for just a fiver. That’s not all, the £5 new member offer is available on your first two visits! The touchscreen tickets give you 5 times more chances to win compared to the paper tickets, and why’s that…

…because you’ll get 30 tickets instead of just 6! First and second visits also come with a food and drink offer where you and fill yourself up for a fiver too! Choose a hotdog or burger (vegan options available too) with chips and any soft drink, tea or coffee for £5! Plus, on your first visit you will also get £10 of slots play for just a fiver too! Place £5 into any slot machine and get a tenner to play with! You’ll need to approach a team member to claim this deal.

You can choose to redeem your new Buzz Bingo member offer in the afternoon or the evening. Afternoon sessions start at 1pm Monday to Friday and 1:30pm Saturdays and Sundays. Evening main event sessions commence at 7pm every day.

Which session is best?

This depends. In terms of prized money, the evenings are where the big money is at, however, with big money comes more people and more people means less chance to win. Afternoons feature less players and less prize money and with that comes more chances to win!

What tickets are best?

In terms of more chances to win, the touchscreens trump the paper tickets by far. You’re getting 30 tickets instead of 6 and five more chances to win. Not only that but you can sit back and watch the bingo games unfold. There’s no chance of missing a number with the touchscreens. All you need to do is press the claim button and shout when you win. Concentration is required with paper tickets and you need to mark every number that is called. Miss a single number on paper and you miss out on a win.

What you need to do upon arrival

First thing to remember is your ID. Buzz Bingo operate a Think 25 Policy which means if you’re fortunate enough to look under 25, you will be asked for ID.

Pens – if you’re playing paper tickets you’ll need daubers.

Arrive in good time before the bingo session starts. If the bingo games start at 7pm you ought to arrive a good 30 minutes before, especially on promotional nights as queues can build up. When you get to the desk decide on paper tickets or touchscreens. If you choose the later, you will need to get hold of one as soon as you can as they are snapped up pretty quickly.

Finally, take your seat and keep your fingers crossed for a win! 

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