New Live Bingo Variant From Buzz Bingo Goes Live

New Live Bingo Variant From Buzz Bingo Goes Live

Look Out For Gameshow Bonus Rounds!

Live Bingo is a new and exclusive bingo variant only available to Buzz Bingo players and it comes complete with a live interactive feature, multiple gameshow bonus rounds and the chance to win big cash prizes.

The new bingo product game changer will run for 2 hours between 8pm and 10pm every evening with a live presenter in every show. Players (and spectators) are encouraged to take part in interactive games and chat for a more immersive experience.

I had the pleasure of testing the top secret game a few weeks ago and at the time I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it, but since then, a few tweaks have been made and a lot more cash has been ploughed into the pot! Instead of 1,000+ players attempting to win just £15, there will be prizes of up to £1K to celebrate its launch.

£1,000 Full House Prizes

Real-life interaction, which is typically only found in live casino games, is what makes this bingo game so different to the rest, and of course its bonus rounds. A fun-filled, prize-packed bingo session will roll out on the first weekend which just so happens to be Buzz Bingo’s 4th anniversary weekend.

  • Thursday 29th September: Launch Night, 3 x £1,000 Full House prizes
  • Friday 30th September: Buzz’s 4th Birthday, 4 x £444 Full House prizes
  • Saturday 1st October: Saturday Night Live, 21 x £100 Full House prizes
  • Sunday 2nd October: 80’s Night: Call bingo on any number in the 80’s and win an extra £80

Now for the bingo bonus rounds, where the presenter can give players bigger and better prizes via in-game features. Here are a few of the bingo bonus rounds available in the new live bingo game:

  • Bonus Board - Call a full house on any number on the bonus board to win extra money (prizes stated during the game).
  • Prize Wheel - Spin the wheel to reveal a guaranteed prize to be added to the full house prize.
  • Magic Number - A random number is selected between 1 and 9. If a full house is claimed on that number, the winner gets an extra prize.
  • Double Bubble - If a full house is called on a double number (e.g. 11, 22, 33 etc) then the player wins double the prize money
  • Multiplier Wheel - Special prize wheel with added multiplier (of up to x6) to increase the full house prize money.
  • Money Back - In the last game of the night, a player wins back all the money they staked in that day’s Live Bingo session.

What do you make of the new bingo experience? Will you be giving it a try? Reminder: Buzz Bingo’s live bingo room comes with a pre-buy feature, allowing you to participate in upcoming games without being logged in or online.

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