New Wordsearch Bingo Variant Lands at tombola HQ

New Wordsearch Bingo Variant Lands at tombola HQ

Spelling Made Fun!

If you’re unfamiliar with Britain’s biggest bingo site, namely tombola, you’ll be unaware that all the games on the website are made in-house, allowing them to add an exclusive tombola twist, big jackpots and great value fun…

…and the latest bingo variant will leave you ‘spell-bound’ with its jackpots of up to £1K in every game! Wordsearch is a tombola bingo game but not as you know it!

The Word on The Bingo Street Is tombola:

The bingo community is invited to try the newest addition to their bingo games line-up where all you need to do is find your words to win. The new Wordsearch game is a fun twist on the traditional bingo set-up, where every word really does count. The rules of play are simple:

  • Buy your ticket(s)
  • Find and match 9 words in the grid before anyone else
  • Win!

It really is that simple. This unique 36-ball bingo variant uses words instead of numbers but the concept is very much the same. In order to win, players will need to find and match nine words (from 36 randomly selected options) in their wordsearch grid or allow the auto mark function to match them on their behalf so they can go off and make a cuppa knowing they still have a chance to win. Will you be the first to find all nine words and win the up to £1,000 jackpot?

Featuring a revolving roster of themes, including summer, baking and football, with a new theme loaded after each round, tombola’s Wordsearch can be played from 10p to £2 per game. To get started, simply select your stake, either 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2, for the upcoming game. Once the new game begins, players will notice a theme to all the words being called. There are 36 possible words in each theme, with players having to find all nine on their scorecard, turning them from white to grey, in order to win!

The best chance bingo game is won by being the first player to mark all nine words off their search board – complete this in 11 calls or less and you could be a Jackpot winner, with prizes of up to £1,000 up for grabs! Prizes in Wordsearch go up and down, the prize will be based on how many people are playing…

off-peak times will be quieter with smaller prizes and more of a chance to win while peak times will have more player for bigger cash prizes but with less chance to win. Prizes will vary depending on the price you have paid to play and are shared if there is more than one winner. A jackpot is never shared, so if more than one player wins the jackpot they will each receive the full amount.

There have been scores of jackpot winners to date on Wordsearch, with prizes of £50 to £1000 awarded in addition to the full house prize. Will you be next?

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