Tombola Reveal ‘MyPlay’ Tool During Safer Gambling Week

Tombola Reveal ‘MyPlay’ Tool During Safer Gambling Week

See What You’re Spending and Stay Ahead of the Game!

Safer Gambling Week 21 is here, no doubt you’ll have seen references to it somewhere or other, especially if you like to scroll aimlessly through Facebook like I do! While it’s important for the gambling industry to get together once a year for this cross-initiative event, I’m here to tell you responsible gambling is an all-year round event, one we should be sticking to with each day that passes.

Losing track of time when playing bingo or casino games will inevitably end up hitting you in the pocket, so it’s vital you have your deposit/play limit tools in place right from the word go. As a little incentive, Tombola will give you £1 in bonus money when you first put them into motion, which is the equivalent to 50 free tickets in BingoLite, the bingo room with small ticket prices and big jackpots!

Seeing is Believing

Tombola is dedicating their Facebook page to safer gambling this week (you can win prizes there too!), and to coincide with that, they have just revealed a new tool to help you stay on top of your spending – the MyPlay tool. “As part of Safer Gambling Week, we have launched a new account activity tool which gives you visibility of how you’re using tombola,” featuring three graphs to help you get a visual representation of your deposits, the games you play the most and when you spend the most time playing.

‘MyPlay’ is not a new app or something that will drain your storage on your smartphone or tablet, but a superb tool you will find within your account on both the desktop and mobile versions Tombola. To get a snapshot of your gambling activity, you can view those graphs in three different modes: bingo, arcade or both.

Your deposit limit section allows you to view how your deposited balance compares to your deposit limit and also how long you have left until your limit resets. Your daily deposit limit, your remaining deposit limit for the week and the remainder of the month will also be shown.

“What Do I Play?” Here you can see where you have played on Tombola and how it compares to other weeks. View the last 24-hours, last 7-days or the last 30-days to get a better view of your play habits. If there is a game, or more than one game where you feel you are spending too much money, you can freeze that game within the safe play tool, a link to which is provided on that very page.

“When Do I Play?” You can see when you spend the most time playing on tombola, and how long you play, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. Results shown will be your current play compared to last week’s play. Finally, transaction history will be shown too, showing the total deposits, withdrawals, net deposits and lifetime deposits since you joined.

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